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Color Theory Sites
The Art QandA Color Page

Color Triangle
My schematic for pigment mixing. It uses common pigment names for the colors. Also charts showing earth colors and how they can be tinted and toned to achieve flesh tones.

Artist's Pigments
A list of pigments and their qualities I made for my students plus a chart of the standard pigment colors represented by Netscape safe HEX code.

Color Theory
A page I'm working on when I get a chance... what's up at this point still might be of interest.

Basics of Color Theory
Elementary color theory with short descriptions of many terms.

Understanding Color
A site with nice design. Has good information and resources.

Color Theory Resources
Reviews of books on color from quilters at Prairienet. All the major texts are cited.

Color Naming
"A Computational Model of Color Reception and Colornaming" a dissertation paper by John M. Lammens. Early sections are interesting but it moves into some heavy math.

Poynton's Colour FAQ
Aspects of color specification and image coding for digital imaging people. Very technical... can be dense reading.

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Art History Resources

Gateway to Art History Resources
An incredible list of art history links by period and culture maintained by Prof. Chris Witcombe of Sweet Briar College on behalf of Harcourt Brace College Publishing in connection with Gardner's A Histrory of Art. Very strong organization of links by period and style.

The History of Art Virtual Library
A LOT of links.

Web Museum
Examples of works by many of the great painters assembled by name-of-artist.

Jim's Fine Art Collection
Despite the title of this site its actually a great resource, good presentation of excellent scans of works by the great painters in history. The number and quality of scans are truly amazing and the choices of artists and images are terrific.

Bernard Safran Art Links
At a site dedicated to the late realist artist Bernard Safran John Malyon maintains a good set of links to sites featuring images by "big name" figurative and realist artists.

Art History: A Preliminary Handbook
A beginner's guide to the undergraduate essay by R.J. Belton of Okanagan University College.

Words of Art
An extensive online glossary of theory and criticism for the Visual Arts. Also from Prof. Belton

Printmaking Glossary
Basic printmaking terms at a commercial site.

How to Find Out About an Individual Artist
I get a lot of requests for information on particular artists and for a list of all their works... here is my answer about how to find these things out yourself.

Wolflin's Categories
Heinrich Wolflin came up with five pairs of formal opposites to help charectorize the art of the Baroque as destinct rather than simply inferior to that of the High Renaissance... these paradigms can be applied to work of any period as an aid to analysis and by artists to better understand their own pictorial aims. This page is a brief description I wrote for my students of the five oppositional pairs to help clarify Wolflin's The Principals of Art History.

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Full text version of the piece by Walter Benjamin provided by Julian Scaff who also has his own related artical at this site.

RILA Search
The Getty Information Service provides "AKA" thesaurus assisted searches of the Repetoire International de la Literature d'Art and other on-line databases. RILA is the precursor to the ABM.

Keyword Search of LOCIS Database
Multiple keyword searching on the advanced search form at the Library of Congress.

Library Research
Instructional paper with "Research Heresy" information that would be valuable to anyone who writes on any topic, particularly college and grad students.

Critical Review
Art and art criticism glossy on-line.

Electronic Visual Arts Journal. Strong web specific exhibitions.

VAEC Links
John Gilinsky is building a good set of links including exhibitions of art my grade school and high school students, sites on art technique, and sites on art and society.

The Joy of Visual Perception
An on-line book about vision from Peter Kaiser. Includes examples of many optical illusions and their formal names as well as some basic information on color perception.

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Painting etc. Sites
The Art QandA Painting Page

The Drawing Board for Illustrators   [NEW]
Resources, links and articles for illustrators from all fields.

Illustrating Children's Books   [NEW]
Notes from a students guide. Features history of children's book illustration, strategies for aspiring illustrators, description of the buisness, the process of going into print, and a listing of resources.

A Tribute to Jack Hamm   [NEW]
Work of beauty and instructional value by my first teacher.

My Suggested Reading List
This is a list of books on visual perception, color theory, and drawing and painting techniques which I made for people asking me to reccomend good books.

Art Studio Chalkboard
A technical resource for artists and art students. Information on a variety of aspects of drawing and painting plus a short question answer section. Good information and graphics on topics such as how to stretch a canvas. The drawing section deals in a sophisticated manner with perspective, shading, and composition. The forté here is perspective, I particularly like the page on drawing cast shadows in perspective.

Art is Easy to Make
Well, unfortunatly I can not say that has been my personal experience but here are two good elementry art lessons for novices from the mysterious Poochie Meyers, Doctor of Ro-Hun.

The Art & Eclectics Pages Links
Jennifer Young with links on:

Ikon Painting in Egg Tempera
A realy nice site by Bob Atchison. Very good illustrated history of icon painting and an instructional on painting in egg tempera. Author will also paint icons commision at very reasonable rates. Worth the visit for the serious instructional and history sections.

Egg Tempera Painting
The Egg Tempera Page. The new Society of Tempera Painters with instructional, discussion forum, bibliography, and links. Includes a gallery of contemporary tempra work by the site authors.

How to make Your Own Paint
Sinopia Pigments and Materials gives recipes for oil paint, pastel, casein, encaustic and fresco painting from a commercial pigment supplier. They have excellent high quality pigments, esp. native earths.

Winsor & Newton
This comercial site has realy good content. Nice intro to painting for novices and good tips and techniques area. Check out the What's New area for information on thier new water-miscable oils which join those by Grumbacher and by Talons on the market.

Fresco Technique
Good content on technique.

Basics of Sgraffito Fresco Technique

Bruce Jackson: Glass Gilding Artist
Interesting work. Check out the pages on history, and technique. The bio pages is also quite interesting I think.

Since the links at this the Sculptor.Org site are so exstensive there is no reason for me to post my own "Sculpture Site" catagory on this page.

Some classroom handouts:
Artist Pigments
Color and Composition Terms
Color Harmony
Fleshtone Mixing
Anatomy of the Hands

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Printmaking Sites
The Art QandA Printmaking Page

Printmaking Hazards Information   [NEW]

I use this antique photographic printing process as a printmaking alternative in conjunction with Cliché Verre plates for my "printing without a press" classes.

Soft Engraving
This is a cheap and easy printmaking method that uses simple household art supplies and doesn't require any big investment in equipment. It is a method that developed out of collagraph printmaking with my students. It's a means of working with fine line and plate-tone that can be used independently or as a foundation for monoprints, collagraphs, or collagraph-relief printing.

Japanese Woodblock Print
David Bull gives a very good instructional how-to, a detailed description of traditional technique, comments on proper viewing and reproduction of Japanese prints, and images of his ten year project cutting The 100 Poets from designs by the 18th century artist Shunsho. This page links to the on-line woodblock printmaking encyclopedia being constructed by the members of the [Baren] mailing list discussion group maintained by David.

Jean's Printmaking Page
Jean Eger shows us some of her work and gives a nice "how-to" on beginning woodblock printing.

Glossary of Print Terms.
A nice glossary of printmaking terms and large scans of sample prints of various media demonstrating the qualities of those media from The Spencer Museum of Art Printroom.

Silkscreen Process
New from Carol's Art Page. An great instructional on the silkscreen process with photos of a step-by-step demonstration.

How to make a Monotype
From Carol's Art Page. A nice instructional...
I like her straight forward approach to registering multiple impressions.

Text-only Basics on Silkscreen

What is a Collagraph?
A simple low tech way to get into printmaking.

Process of Lithography
A good rundown on the process with nice pictures. The Tamarind Institute is part of the University of New Mexico College of Fine Arts but I find the rest of the site a little commercial for my taste.

The Different Printmaking Processes

What is a Print Edition?

Printworks Magazine
A multi-lingual description of the etching process is maintained by this magazine for serious printmakers. Updates occur about every month. E-mail the editor and you can be informed of updates.

Grow Your Own Ink
Paper by Phil Shaw published in Printworks Magazine.

New Directions in Printmaking
Nik Semenoff's page referring to his innovative work in alternative printmaking techniques including "silkscreen tusche", "acid-free etching", and the increasingly popular "waterless lithography" (a process based on materials readily available at the hardware store). He will mail or e-mail you copies of his technical papers published in Leonardo Magazine if you write him a request.

Oatmeal Pinhole Page
Wendy links us to her alternative photographic printing process recipes which "printmakers" can use to reproduce hand-drawn images.

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Photography Sites

Lisa Jensen   [NEW]
Instructions on gum dichromate materials and procedure, as well as display of her own gum and pinhole work.

Photo exhibitions.

Mega List of Photo Links

Alternative Photographic Processes
Joe Smigiel brings us the outstanding work of several contemporary photographers using early photographic printing processes.

Peter Charles Frederick in the UK has been kind enough to allow me to place at this site a paper of his on a process he has developed as an alternative to Gum Dichromate... it is based on whole egg as a photo-sensitive vehicle for artist's pigments. This photographic printing process would probably be as much of interest to painters and printmakers as photographers... I wonder about the potential for using it in Cliché Verre printmaking.

Byron's Pinhole Page
A good place to start for pinhole photography. Many links.

Gnome Technologies
Pinhole photographs and alternative printing. Inventive guy, nice site. This is where I found the link to Wendy Mullak's Page listed above in Printmaking as "Oatmeal Page".

Oslo Pinhole
An extensive site on the topic of pinhole with camera plans, links to camera plans (including oatmeal box, coke can, film container, cookie tin, et al.), a great history of pinhole, aperture tables, a bibliography, and many many links to exhibitions and other pinhole sites.
Jon Grepstad's Home Page links to DIY "Do It Yourself" homemade large-format lensed camera pages and how-to sites (e.g. making a bellows etc.).

The Toy Camera Home Page
Home page for enthusiasts of making real photographs using toy cameras. Links include a source for Holga "the $14 two-and-a-quarter camera".

Toy Camera Photos & Alternative Processes
Gallery of work by Joe Smigiel including beautifully printed toy camera and zone plate images and impressive Gum work.

The Photo-journalist's Coffee House
A really strong site exhibiting photo-journalism projects. There are still people engaged in documentary photography that is enlightening and aesthetic without being sensational or exploitative.

How Gravures are Made
A summary of the process from Pete Miller at the Kamakura Print Collection website.

The Last Cup of Coffee
Dr. Williams of RIT and the Technical Photographic Chemical Class of 1995 assay coffee doped with Sani-flush as a film and paper developer. Okay... what household chemical can we fix with? A salt?

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Copyright Issues

The Copyright Website
Extensive links to educational and instructional information on copyright process and copyright issues.

Copyright and Intelectual Property Rights

Fair Use

Against Intelectual Property

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General Interest Sites

Kooks Museum   [NEW]
Excelent site on crankology: conspiracy theory, questionable scholarship, useless research, medical quackery, hate groups, monuments to monomania, solutions to all the worlds problems, and gateway to crackpot homepages.

Paperback Cover Art Illustration   [NEW]
Exhibition of pulp fiction covers by some of the leading artists in the genre.

Digital Art Anne Eldredge Harris
Late in life Ms. Harris has taken up digital art... very painterly. A meditation on ageing.

E-Zine List
On-line zines by keyword... connected to the zine review FactSheet 5.

Searchable E-zine List at World Wide Web Virtual Library.

The Tangled Web
An interesting and mysterious site with haunting images.
[N.B. includes much genital nudity]

The World's Women Online
I usually don't like the gettoizing of women artists but I think this is a good project. The work up is strong, interesting, and truly multi-national. They are accepting submissions.

FileRoom Archive
Extensive archive of arts censorship episodes arranged by theme, media, geography and chronology. A professional looking site listing substantive occasions of arts censorship in the U.S. and abroad.

Pick-up Lines for Art Students
The Surrealist Compliment Generator. Anna Bell has Wheels!

Hand Drawn Holograms
Actual how-to on making real holograms mechanically rather than photographically and using only plexiglass, a compass and patience... the author is a physicist but I wonder what a visual artist could do with this. There are samples including a stereographic pair of a floating cube.

You Can
Beakman and Jax have the answers to all your important questions.

Costumer's Manifesto
Tara Maginnis' site on costuming... great philosophy and nice images of painted costume work at University Alaska at Fairbanks. She also writes about converting her costume shop to non-toxic because of climate control issues. By the way, this woman is a webpage making machine! She has information on how you can become one too.

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